Star Trek: September 2023

The annual Star Trek September 2023 event has concluded, leaving us with incredible memories and a renewed love for the franchise.

Epic Battles & Engaging Interviews:

This year’s event was a thrilling journey through the stars! We witnessed epic battles, explored the intricacies of the game with insightful interviews, and reveled in the passion of the Star Trek community.

Meet the Masterminds:

We had the honor of hearing from industry veterans like:

  • Jan B, creator of Fleet Ops Roots and the SFC 3 Upgrade Mod
  • Max Loef, lead developer of Star Trek: Armada 3:
  • Picard456, creator of the Star Trek: Dominion Wars modification

Beyond the Battles: Round Table Wisdom

But the action wasn’t limited to battles! We also hosted a thought-provoking round table discussion featuring both familiar and new faces within the Star Trek community.

Thank You, Starfleet Captains!

We want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who participated and made this year’s Star Trek September 2023 an unforgettable event. We can’t wait to boldly go where no one has gone before with you all again next year!


02.09.2023 – 27.09.2023


Games Played




Ships Unboxed