Hello everybody, here I will write down the most Frequently Asked Questions about the Valiant Channel. Currently it’s just a small list, but I will update it as soon as I get more questions or important facts to share.

1. Video Series

Mod Spotlight

In the current format, the first part of these videos are a short summary about the mod and the second part is some gameplay of it. Should you have any suggestions please let me know.

Talking with the devs

Here I interview developers and modders about their experience with the game or mod. Sometimes with a co-host and sometimes just alone. Should you be a developer or modder and you want to share your story, please let me know and write me a message.

Things a new player should know

Well, as the title says, in this series I present to you all the necessary information for a new player. Basically I collect a lot of information for my wiki and all the videos I do. So, I thought why don’t I share the important stuff in a short video.

What is …?

Together with my co-host 7Saturn, I do an indepth review series about all the amazing games we have played in the past. For that we try to invite an expert of the game. Sometimes it will be a community leader, a modder or a fellow content creator.

2. Unity One

It is a community discord for gamers. Basically a place where you can find someone to play with and where it doesn’t matter to which clan you belong. We host different gaming events, help new players and are always up for a nice chat. Just have a look at the announcement page on Discord to see what we are up to next.

Discord: https://discord.gg/W7mkrWb

Events on Unity One

  • Coop Night: On most Mondays we play a coop game and everybody is welcome to join me on.
  • Gaming Saturday/Sunday: Our substitute for a LAN party, where we just play some games all day.
  • Noob Night: On every Wednesday we play a few casual rounds of a game and try to learn/teach new things about the games we play.
  • Scifi Nights: There we watch together a few episodes of a classic scifi series and chat about it on a voice channel.

3. Guide and Fixes

You can find a guide for nearly every game from this channel here: https://unityone.fandom.com/wiki/Unity_One_Wiki (wip)

4. Affiliate-Links

Not at the moment, but in the future the links to the various tools/products that are in the descriptions/comments will be Affiliate links. This means that I earn a commission from anything purchased through clicking those links, at no extra charge to you.

5. Credits

Over the last years I asked the following artists to help me with the channel: