Ways to Support the Channel

Just by taking the time to explore this page, you’re showing your support, and that means a lot. Your viewership is what keeps The Valiant going strong!

If you would like to help me to focus 100% of my time on the channel and community then you could use one of the ways to support the channel below, and I would be super honoured by your generosity! At the end of the day, it boils down to supporting the work you like.

By supporting the channel through Patreon, YouTube Memberships, or Affilate Links, you become a driving force behind the scenes. This allows us to:

  • Create Even More Content: Imagine more in-depth reviews, nostalgic adventures through gaming’s past, and engaging live streams. Your support fuels this creativity!
  • Focus on What Matters Most: With your help, we can dedicate ourselves entirely to the channel and community, ensuring the highest quality content and a thriving space for gamers of all generations.

There are several ways to directly contribute to The Valiant, and the best method depends on what works best for you! Every bit of support makes a huge difference.

Here are some options to consider:

We appreciate your desire to support The Valiant! It’s true – dedicated viewers like you who can contribute financially allow us to reduce ads and focus on creating amazing content.

But the truth is, there are many ways to be a Valiant champion, and not all of them involve treasure! Here’s how you can contribute to a thriving community without breaking the bank:

  • Join the Discord Server: Connect with fellow gamers, discuss your favorite games, and share your passion for gaming history. Your active participation creates a vibrant community hub.
  • Like and Comment on Videos: Your engagement helps The Valiant grow and reach new audiences who love gaming as much as you do. Every like, comment, and share helps us spread the word!
  • Spread the Word: Tell your friends about The Valiant and invite them to join the adventure! The more Valiant viewers we have, the stronger the community becomes.

Remember, your support, in whatever form it takes, is incredibly valuable! Together, we can build a fantastic space for gamers who love exploring the past, present, and future of gaming.